Live Tuscan is an opportunity for
for you to experience the sweet, slow
rhythm that is life in Tuscany, Italy.

As the daughter of parents who wanted to see everything the world has to offer, I have been traveling extensively from a very young age.  I have had the opportunity to live in Europe, work for an international airline, and I have a close family history that links me forever to the beautiful country of Italy.  LiveTuscan operates between Washington D.C. and Cortona, Italy. My maternal Grandfather was born and raised in Rome, and my maternal Grandmother from Sulmona, about 2 hours east of the Eternal City.

I was raised with an appreciation and passion for all things Italian, and want to share this beautiful country with everyone.  My first love was the city of Rome, but after multiple trips to Florence and the surrounding hill towns I became so enchanted with the Tuscan countryside that I chose it for the home-base of LiveTuscan.

Enjoy a week-long stay in and around beautiful Cortona, Italy, home of the book and film Under the Tuscan Sun.  My wonderful team and I will arrive at the beautiful villa to prepare for your arrival and to warmly welcome you to your new home. We remain with you as an in-home concierge, taking care of all of your requests or concerns, making this the perfect trip for both first-time and seasoned travelers.

Enjoy a cooking class, taught by professional teachers experienced in the regional cuisine; hand crafted meals, exclusive tours, and a stay in a luxury villa.  Attention to detail and impeccable service is what you can expect at Live Tuscan. We have the highest standards, and each day our goal is to surpass any expectations that our guests might have.  We truly enjoy making people happy!  You will be treated to a week of beauty, culture, food and you will leave having lived like a Tuscan fully for a short time.

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“The most lovely villa, in the most lovely location. You will be welcomed by the most gracious and lovely hostess who will show you how to live…truly live…Tuscan. The food..amazing, the tours, informative, focused and accommodating. The experience…I miss it like I miss home sometimes.”
Carol B.
“I can’t even begin to say how wonderful our time was with Becky and our Live Tuscan family. Everything was great….the surroundings were beautiful, the villa was incredible, and the food was absolutely amazing. Our guides were knowledgeable and delightful people who clearly enjoyed sharing their knowledge with us. The wines were fantastic. Best of all were the new friends we made the week in Tuscany. It was a magical time. I can’t say enough good things about this trip..”
Ellena R.
“An absolute amazing experience! Becky is so great! Each day was filled with trips around Tuscany with great tour guides that made the trip even better. The food, of course, is AMAZING. The week I had with Live Tuscan was one of the best trips I’ve made to Europe. Definitely a MUST vacation (maybe every year!) Thanks Becky for an incredible trip!”
Brianna G., Gainesville, VA
Just returned from a fabulous trip to Italy. Our stay in Cortona was everything one would hope a week in a villa would be. The place is magical. Food was great, our cooking glass was a riot. Only 2 people could roll out the pici noodles, both men. Our day trips were wonderful with amazing guides who brought life to these cities. Would love to go back again and just stay at the villa. Ciao!
Mary H., Tampa, FL
“The villa, accommodations, and food are absolutely stellar. There is never a dull moment. The views are breathtaking and the guided tours are fun and informative. This was truly the trip of a lifetime and I can say with 100% confidence that this was the best vacation I have ever been on. Countless memories were made! I can’t thank you enough. 10/10 Would recommend to all.”
Michael R., Reston, VA
Absolutely beautiful! From the scenery to the hospitality, definitely making another trip as soon as possible! Really got to relax the Italian way!
Rachael B., Warrenton, VA
The most amazing experience ever! To make it better, I got to enjoy all of this with my loved ones and make wonderful new friends out of it. Highly recommend and will always tell everyone about my trip here. Out hostess was the most gracious and went out of her way to make the most of it all. I dream of the day that I can return. Thank you again for helping me check things off of my bucket list! Ciao!
Shanna L., Fayetteville, AK
Where do I start? It is so easy to completely relax at the villa. Becky and her hostess, the countess, Carmela the cook and her assistant Aurora make sure you feel at home. And the food is fantastic! The view of the valley is just amazing, day or night! The day trips are just right and the guides are delightful. I can’t wait to go back!
Terry M., Tampa, FL
Absolutely the best vacation ever! A private villa, our own chef, our own drivers and tour guides….the food was out of this world and it just kept coming and coming…the wines were fabulous…everyone is so friendly and the shopping is to die for! Can’t wait to get back next year! Thanks to Becky and her special flair!
She does it up right all the way!
Diane G., Haymarket, VA
From the moment you arrive you are greeted by the most lovely hostess, Becky. She will be your concierge, friend, director at this stunning countryside villa. You will arrive in your room and gaze out at the Tuscan countryside – you will have your ahaaa moment immediately!! The food and tours she provides are exceptional and you will NOT want to leave – but you must! So much to see and do!! Oh how I long to go again – one day!!!
Pam C. Centreville, VA
I’ve traveled all over Italy, and my trip with Live Tuscan has made Tuscany my favorite region. The villa is beautiful and the food is outstanding. It was a relaxing week with a beautiful view. I enjoyed it so much that I returned for another trip with Live Tuscan the following year. Both trips were different, but both were fantastic! Our cooking class was so much fun!
Rose D. Baltimore, MD
Memorable trip. Loved staying in the villa and walking to Cortona. Loved the cooking class in the villa by 2 very good looking and talented chefs. Met friends for life! Becky makes everything fun!
Sue E. New York, NY
If you have to turn 50, I can think of no better place to do it, no easier way to set it up, and no better people to handle all the details! LiveTuscan.com is the only way to go! Our group made the trip in May, but started working with Becky months before that. All of our questions were answered and all of our special requests were met. The trip to the beautiful villa was easily made and when we arrived a wonderful snack was laid out to hold us over until dinner. The villa itself was beautiful, with breathtaking views. Becky and her assistant made us feel spoiled every day. All of the food served was amazingly good! Each day was a new adventure to another town, with wonderful guides, interesting sites to see and lots to learn. I could continue writing for pages, but the bottom line is ,if I ever get the opportunity to go to Italy again, the first thing I will do is get in touch with Becky.
Donna L., Washington DC
“If you want a trip that will leave it’s mark on you and change you forever, you should treat yourself to a week in beautiful Tuscany with Live Tuscan. Joe and I had one of our best weeks together and came away feeling so blessed to have been able to join an amazing group of people, none of whom we knew prior to the trip but who we can now call friends!
Grazie to Becky Munson for making the magic happen!”
Diane G.
“Food for the soul, magic for the mind and inspirational light to last a lifetime!
Thank you Becky Munson for sharing your gift with us! Thank you for the
opportunity to look through eyes filled with wonder and feel with hearts full of
happiness! I will remember that feeling for the rest of my life. I love you, admire
you and am grateful to know you. Live Tuscan will be in my heart always.”
Caitlin R
You walk into the room and immediately become family. Fun filled days, yet the most relaxing vacation ever! Thank you Becky!!!
Betty R.


When it comes to our adventures we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

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