Cortona itself is an unforgettable destination, dating back to the Etruscans, around 900 b.c. It is a perfectly preserved town, with warm people and a history that pre-dates ancient Rome. It is one of the original 12 Etruscan settlements in Italy and in its vicinity many Etruscan ruins and tombs can still be seen today.  Parts of the Etruscan city wall can still be seen today as the basis of the present wall.

The main street, via Nazionale, is the only street in the town with no gradient, and is still usually referred to by locals by its older name of Ruga Piana.  It is one of the most beloved towns, due to it being the location of the popular book and film “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  Inside the Palazzo Casali is the Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca, displaying items from Etruscan, Roman, and Egyptian civilizations, as well as art and artifacts from the Medieval and Renaissance eras.



Take the Leonardo Express train at the Fumicino Airport into Rome Termini, which is the main transportation hub of Rome.  There are automated ticket machines inside the main entrance which you can use to buy a ticket with a credit card.  Follow the directions above machine for finding your train.  There is also a ticket window with an agent if you want to buy ticket there, or have a question about finding your train.  You are buying a ticket to CORTONA.  Your train will be the one headed in the direction of FIRENZE.  Make sure you validate your ticket in any of the yellow ticket stamping machines located at the heads of the train platforms.  Your stop will be Camucia/Cortona.    The ride is approximately 2 1/2 hrs. Get your bags stationed at the doors before the stop; train stops only for a minute or so.

Cortona Piazza Garibaldi



If you are going to the train station from the airport or from downtown Florence, you will be taking a taxi.  Once at the train station, purchase you tickets at the counter or at one of the ticketing machines for Cortona.  Validate your ticket in the yellow ticket stamping machine located at the heads of the train platforms.  Look on the Departure boards; you want the train going to ROMA.  Your stop is Camucia/Cortona.  The ride is approximately 1 1/2 hours.  Get your bags ready at the doors before the stop; train stops only for a minute or so.


If you will be needing a taxi from the Camucia/Cortona train station, please let me know ahead of your arrival and I will have a taxi there to pick you up and take you to the villa. Your ride from the train station to the villa is included in your stay.
There are only a few taxi drivers in the Cortona area, and they must be reserved in advance.
If you will be driving to Cortona, please contact me and I will send you detailed driving directions.  If you wish to rent a car while you are visiting, please reserve in advance.  Sixt is a convenient company with an office in Cortona.

The Farm House

The farmhouse lies at the foot of Cortona in a little village in the Tuscan countryside. It is a XVII century farmhouse that has been beautifully renovated, with modern conveniences. The farmhouse offers an insight into the past country life, with gorgeous landscaping and peaceful, expansive views of Cortona and the surrounding valley. The house is furnished according to the traditional Tuscan country style, with terracotta-tiled floors, exposed wooden beams and wrought iron beds.  The modern bathrooms and attention to every detail are part of its unique charm.  The beautiful swimming pool and gardens are another lovely addition to this altogether wonderful, memorable property.

  • Breakfasts and multi-course dinners with wine
  • Beautiful rooms with modern conveniences
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wi-Fi Internet

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