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things to do in shinjuku
things to do in shinjuku

Shinjuku City - yes, Shinjuku is a city within Tokyo - is massive. People usually consider making a quick stop here before heading to the neighboring cities. If you are ever in the mood for a bit of karaoke, head to Shinjuku's entertainment district and you will be spoiled for choice. Both areas will be quite expensive but epic <3 We think, based on your requirements, you should probably focus on Shinjuku a little more. You will be situated just 2 minute walk away from the JR Shin Okubo Station. First, you’ll head to the west side for a couple of sites. Explore The Shinjuku Station . Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo is located right in downtown Kabukicho with super easy access to all transport links. Don’t be afraid to walk around as Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, but common sense is always required, so stay vigilant and out of trouble.

You can have dinner in a Robot Restaurant, enjoy some cocktails in a hostess bar, take a new lover to a love hotel or get a relaxing (or erotic) massage. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions.

There is a sea of beautifully arranged and organised buildings. So while dad and the boys are busy deciding which SONY television to buy, mum and the girls can have some fun at Uniqlo. This is a unique experience and perfect for the budget traveller. I am the co-founder of You Could Travel and I travel full time with my husband. We want to go to Tokyo Disneyland, Shibuya and Mount Fuji etc so making sure I plan ahead on how to get to these places easy! We are husband + wife and we think travelling together is the best thing ever.

Please check where to stay in Tokyo for more options in other, quieter neighbourhoods. On the East, you will find Chiyoda, the central area of Tokyo with the Imperial Palace. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in India. You can enjoy a fitness centre, swimming pools, convenience stores and even a business centre. Don’t take this to heart, as usually, it means they have regulars which they need to reserve the seats for.

In fact, let's be honest, eating is one of the best things to do in Tokyo in general. Did you like this article? Shibuya is just as epic, just a little more expensive and a bit classier if that's important. If you leave the fridge door open for too long, your little penguin will start moaning that it’s getting too hot or it can’t sleep because of the light. Did you know that the karaoke boxes in Japan also offer English, Chinese and Korean songs as well? Centered around the station with the largest number of passengers passing through it in the whole of Japan, Shinjuku has everything, from spectacular views from the skyscrapers, to great entertainment, delicious food and so many shops you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re after. We are staying at the Citadines hotel you've mentioned in May this year - is getting around Tokyo easy? There was an abnormal variety of crazy cool stuff which we wanted to try. It's a unique way to experience an authentic Tokyo nightlife. Enjoying the green space and relaxing is definitely one of the best things to do in Shinjuku. I am not kidding, this place is enormous and full of so many weird items, that you will really need to take your time with it. It is dedicated to the god Inari, the god of fertility and success and is often visited by businessmen to pray for the success of their business. These hotels have quirky interiors and value privacy above all. Rakugo is a traditional form of storytelling entertainment that started during the Edo period and has been preserved to this day.

With so many things to do in Shinjuku, it's easy to see why so many travellers add this vibrant district it to their Tokyo itinerary. The shrine houses the great god Kushimikenunomi, which is a god of seas and storms (and is also known as Susanoo-no-Mikoto) and the great god Izanami. and a talking penguin. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Related stories to help you better plan your trip.


One of the best things to do in Shinjuku is to explore around this breath-taking natural park featuring the beauty of multi-cultural gardens, from Japanese to English to French garden designs. Golden Gai has great narrow, winding alleys with Japanese taverns so you will have plenty to pick from. Wow photos are amazing you should be use amazing camera to get them. You will love Japan. The 58.3 ha garden is decorated with rows of sycamore trees and there are also beautiful French-style gardens as well. Eat as much as you can, sleep, come back the next day and repeat. Leave a comment below. You can check out this article about the best spots to see Tokyo from above, but if you are in Shinjuku, you might as well go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Building which has a FREE entry observational deck.

more, Continue your visit to www.tripadvisor.com, "A bit confusing getting around but it’s not a problem because I’m lost in, "Only took 5 minutes to walk it as we went to the, "There are several sculptures and two large temples, accompanied by a small assortment of friendly, "It was the meeting place for a bus tour of, "Unlike the reviews of other people here, we actually had a great trip from tokyo to, Hotels near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Hotels near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Decks, Hotels near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Shinjuku, Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Shinjuku, Conference & Convention Centres in Shinjuku, Things to do near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Things to do near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Decks, Things to do near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, Things to do near Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Things to do near Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku, Things to do near Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Tokyo is not a concrete jungle, but an urban landscape. Photo by Tom Page on Flickr . No trip to Shinjuku is complete without a stroll through Asia’s largest entertainment district: Kabukicho.

If you are looking for souvenirs to take home with you, this shop has great and cheap options. Like many others, you probably imagine the capsule rooms to be claustrophobic, but in reality, they are spacious enough and equipped with all amenities for a good night sleep. The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication. Then the rest of your day (and hopefully late into the night) will be on the east side.

If you have a few hours and looking for things to do in Shinjuku during the day, visiting the parks is a great way to spend your time. The capsule hotels are cheap, reliable and very clean. The tour will take you through Southern Terrace and Takashima Times Square, and then onto the East Entrance shopping area, before going to …

I am sure you know Hello Kitty, Japan's Superstar.

The present garden used to be the residence of a feudal lord but in 1906, during the Edo period, the residence was developed as a garden for the imperial family. You can halt here for a quick snack and take a little break from your journey. It is much smaller than Shinjuku Gyoen but it's still worth a visit.

Crowds of visitors will come to see the different blossoms during different seasons, especially during spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

When salarymen and career women finish work, they love to indulge themselves in an after office hours drinking session. If I could, I would live in one of these Don Quixote shops. Just put money on it and you are good to go. First time to visit tokyo next month.. wondering which area would you recommend best to stay, Shibuya or Shinjuku?

They are very intimate and you really can’t escape a chat with a local (providing they know English or you know Japanese).

But, once you are inside, you will be amazed at the number of items you can buy under one roof. Although the name otherwise suggests, this is not a place full of drunken people who use the alley when nature calls.

The shrine is tucked away near Shinjuku Central Park among the high-rise buildings. Here, you will be spoiled for choice, not only in the fashion department but also in the food court in the basement, where you can enjoy trendy deli food and desserts! It's most likely that you will arrive here in the morning. Play games till you drop here even if you don't understand a word of Japanese with the wide range of games on offer, from shooting games with great Japanimation based CG, dance games or taiko rhythm games.

If you are worried about the charges, head there during the day time for some good value karaoke plans!

The café is located on the 5th and 6th floor of a building just two buildings away from the retail store, Don Quixote. It is hard to find as the entrance is located underground. Let’s get started! Even on a rainy day, you can walk around in this area as most streets are partially covered. Did your suitcase just break?! I have a post for Mount Fuji, it's a little bit more difficult to get to it, but with a bit of planning it's all great: https://www.youcouldtravel.com/travel-blog/tokyo-to-mount-fuji. It’s a great choice for budget traveller who want clean bathrooms, lounge areas and working spaces. We had very little rain as well. Shinjuku Central Park tends to be used as a lunch spot by many salarymen and career women who work in the nearby skyscrapers. You can find pretty much anything there, from stationery, to kitchen utensils, to cosmetics and lifestyle goods. We recommend visiting during the cherry blossom festival if you can. It’s hard to beat Japan when it comes to street food. As with most areas, Kabukicho comes to life after dark, but be aware, as more places are said to be run by the Yakuza. It is also perfect for budget travellers because it is cheap, reliable and very clean. The photos taken will make quite a keepsake to remind you of your trip to Japan!

You can also bring your own costume along!

Move onto matcha sweets, dango, mochi and red bean paste cakes. The gallery also has a cafe. The weather was a bit cold, but not too bad. Be brave, as you will find a lot of weird-looking food at first, but once you start trying things, you will understand why eating is the number one thing to do in Shinjuku. The shrine is located right in front of Exit E2 of the Shinjuku San-chome station or is a 7-minute walk from Shinjuku station's East exit. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Shinjuku, Japan on Tripadvisor: See 55,404 traveller reviews and photos of Shinjuku tourist attractions.

I use a Fuji XT10 and edit my photos in Lightroom :), You Could Travel © All Rights Reserved 2016 - 2020Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, top 18 street foods you must try in Tokyo, https://www.youcouldtravel.com/travel-blog/tokyo-to-mount-fuji.

Unlike other luxury Tokyo hotels, Keio Plaza is actually really well priced, with rooms starting from just £150 per night.

You can read more about adult-only activities in Tokyo.


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