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my rabbit is missing
my rabbit is missing

please email me at [email protected]. Just take it as a learning experience and it makes you a better bunny mama. …in your local newspapers and check the “found” ads. 2020, 10

A stranger does not know which vet you are registered with.

Now you may have already succeeded in capturing the rabbit or maybe waiting for pet rescue to come by. ... Once my rabbit went missing and he went through a hole under my fence and was running loose on the roads and surprisingly he came back from running back to the hole he dug and ran. He is black and white. Do not assume they will come to you.  Look in closets, drawers, air ducts, behind appliances, under beds, in the hollow under reclining chairs, behind books in a bookcase, wrapped in the bottom of drapes, in any hidden recesses, basement crawl spaces, in sheds, garages, under decks, in pipes and culverts, dumpsters, garbage cans, in trees, on rooftops, etc. Use a net to capture the rabbit or call animal rescue for help.

I'm so sorry this happened. The internet can be very useful in helping locate missing pet animals. This is the advantage of using a well designed database like Pet FBI’s. was it in thee garden? Just make sure she has a way back to her hutch, and look for her as well. Back to our backyard. Also make sure there are no holes. 2019, 19

Keep checking regularly for new ads, and ask how to research ads that have run previously by calling the paper. Unfortunately rabbits can escape through very small spaces, and while domestic rabbits tend not to wander far, the odds are stacked against them with regard to predators. A couple and Two little ones. If the rabbit became frightened or ill it may be hiding. She went missing on Sunday, we enquired around the neighbours houses but they hadn't seen her.

Be sure the letters are large and easily visible from a passing car. My rabbit has gone missing. MJ, I have found a brown rabbit in my garden in the Hallett Cove area. Tell your neighbors to be on the lookout, but don't worry...they always come back home sometime! In orange please contact me if it’s yours!! Once you have submitted a report it will be uploaded instantly and – unlike almost all other web site classifieds and databases, your report will be not expire for at least four years, or until you inactivate it. I don't have the money for that. JavaScript is disabled. Search the area the rabbit was last seen thoroughly. No chip. As you comb the neighboring streets for your missing pet, inform all the neighbors and the people you meet about your predicament. You can put markers on the nest and check back the next day.

Ask friends for help in sharing to their respective networks as well.

He is 7 months old. When using Craigslist to search for a lost pet, you should also check the ads for areas beyond your own, because lost pets often turn up far away. Pet FBI and Helping Lost Pets working together to bring more pets home! :( I'm so sad, she lived in my backgarden, and the run/hutch she lived in had broke and she escaped. However these experiences have helped me learn how to better protect and guard against any future escapes or problems. Have copies of your flyer made on light, bright colored paper. ), iguanas, etc. Properly rabbit-proof your home such that your rabbit does not have access to any electrical cords. Saw a tan rabbit at 8:30 tonight on E Olive between 14th and 15th in Capital Hill. It is also a good idea to hang your flyers from doorknobs in your neighborhood. In terms of disseminating information about your lost pet you can follow the general advice for cats and dogs. An important priority upon coming across a seemingly abandoned group of baby bunnies is to search for the den site or the nest.

Again, distribute them as widely as practical. An escaped rabbit can be anywhere and may have found hiding places much closer to you than you think. There are surprisingly many websites  dedicated to recovering lost pets of a particular species. Used to being handled and friendly. Catching a rabbit isn’t easy and might take some time. We live in Pefferlaw Ontario and have looked everywhere for him. Any ideas on other things I can try to get him back?

Gabriel, have you found her? Of course, you can opt out, but this feature saves you the bother of doing regular manual searches. I've checked in the shed, in the garden EVERYWHERE. You really need to return to the shelters regularly to look for yourself. We emphasize that you must not assume that because you have left information about your missing pet that you will automatically be contacted if the animal is turned in. Mount some of your flyers on fluorescent poster board. Ask neighbors for permission to look in their yards. Post and check reports on other internet lost and found sites and social media and keep checking! Once my rabbit went missing and he went through a hole under my fence and was running loose on the roads and surprisingly he came back from running back to the hole he dug and ran. ... other freee ads adn put a lost post on there join all rabbit forums and cross popst details.

Check the ears to see if … Still have questions? If your rabbit should go missing, here are some tips for finding him/her again. Craigslist is a well known and widely used for free classified ads.

Called animal control and he could not catch him. ... Once my rabbit went missing and he went through a hole under my fence and was running loose on the roads and surprisingly he came back from running back to the hole he dug and ran. Make sure to thoroughly search every room in the house.


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