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my cousin rachel book club questions
my cousin rachel book club questions

Was Rachel truly innocent or manipulative as she played with the younger man’s emotions, knowing the devastating effect she had over him? Spoilers ahead.

Yes, two stars. So that will be our September book club pick. My opinion is that Pillsbury has made a lot more pie crusts than I have, so I’m going with the “mostly homemade” version of this recipe. Stop the mixer to scrape down anything sticking to the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. Did Philip’s godfather Kendall’s motive mirror Louise’s once he realized the extent of Philip’s infatuation towards Rachel and was dismayed that his daughter Louise doesn’t stand a chance of marrying Philip with Rachel in the scene? Sale Snack: Up to 25% Off at Shopbop's Fall Event. Agreed, the narrative around abandoned children / children stepping into adult roles / children caring for each other and for parents was pervasive and worrying.

Or slick Rainaldi planted it perhaps, considering he is the common thread that runs havoc in both Philip and Ambrose’s lives and rather than really desire Rachel for himself as he seems to let on, he actually plans to usurp Rachel’s and Philip’s and Ambrose’s properties? Add the 3/4 cup of granulated sugar and beat for another minute. xx, I can’t wait to read Florida! Or is she gravely misunderstood? Love to hear your reactions to things. Combine well and set aside. ( Log Out /  Given the circumstances of his sheltered upbringing, Philip considers it a rather happy childhood filled with warm memories and Ambrose has grown beyond a parental figure into a larger-than-life hero in his mind, who he wants to mimic.

A bulk of our book club conversation was around the geographic element of this. Was she truly all that Ambrose warned him she was? This was pleasant but forgettable — in fact, I can scarcely recall much about the book except for that I found, as one of you mentioned in book club last month, the invocation of the Miranda Priestley character an entirely gratuitous nod to Weisberger’s wildly popular Devil Wears Prada. The setting: a gloomy, old estate in Cornwall, England, full of dark rooms and stodgy bachelors. I have never read this one – sounds wonderful! sitting in my shopping basket. After this one I was enthused and went on to read The Parasites, which was…different. change hands in the novel: a hat of Ambrose’s left behind at the villa and gifted to Philip; the trunks of clothing belonging to Ambrose and redistributed to the townspeople; the strand of pearls worn by Ashley women gifted to Rachel and then rescinded; the property itself. Roll each piece into a ball and roll out on a floured surface until approximately 6 inches diameter.

I am a voracious reader who loves to bake and enjoys books from almost every category of fiction, as well as biographies and memoirs.

I’m still baffled by this. Du Maurier’s most famous novel, Rebecca (published in 1938), explores many similar themes to My Cousin Rachel, including sexuality, identity, and the social status of women.Like My Cousin Rachel, Rebecca features a mysterious female lead, the late Mrs. Rebecca de Winter. Discussion Questions: Philip was convinced that his likeness to Ambrose, of which he was so proud, proved his undoing. I love that we never find out the truth about Rachel and just end up doubting the narrator more and more. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So glad I discovered this book via a book lovers club. Philip believed that “there is nothing so self-destroying, and no emotion quite so despicable, as jealousy.” Of whom was he jealous, and did this emotion account for his final act of guilt?

Help your high school students discover the underlying themes, complexities of the characters, and meaningful symbolism used within the book. And then: Did she poison Philip?

P.S. To me, lonely, anxious, a survivor of too many emotional shipwrecks, he came almost as a saviour...tender, lacking all personal conceit…” Were these the only reasons or even the main things that drew Rachel to Ambrose? Steadman blurs the lines between good and evil and the legal boundaries that zigzag through both. Or that because she decides.

Mix the lamb together with the apple, onion, potato, cider or water, and thyme. The proximity of the ocean and the frequency of hurricanes and other tropical storms in Florida are also convenient accessories to many of the stories’ end-of-the-world narratives.

It certainly draws you in to the characters and their situation.

Don’t be intimidated. (See my thoughts on last month’s pick.). Or did the seeds really did belong to Rachel and were part of her truly diabolic plan or her flimsy “stereotypical woman’s” defense against physical and mental abuse she anticipated from Philip, who she perceived to be the younger double of a man who seems to have subjected her to mental and physical torture or perhaps she innocently used them as an insecticide or to kill weeds considering she is passionate about gardening?

The Gothic shadows are never dispelled.

Maybe I should start a blog titled “Ugly Food that Tastes Good” because, man oh man, these tasted amazing!

I cherished your reactions to my thoughts on reading. Magpie Book Club: Daphne DuMaurier’s “My Cousin Rachel.”, contemplates running off with the bounty herself and leaving her husband high and dry. Tell me your thoughts! For example, the gang leader (forgetting his name and too lazy to check) proves helpful — even kind and fatherly — when the protagonist is struggling to outsmart her sinister husband.

In fact, he is soon completely entranced by her himself. They look perfect for the second trimester and then for post-partum lounging and nursing. I immediately looked into the book/author and added to my list, can’t wait to see what you think.

Follow that with the tea/milk, and, for a stronger flavor, you can remove the tea from the bags and add the tea leaves to the cupcake mix.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! +Rachel mentions offhandedly that her first husband, the Count, originally intended to marry her mother, but that she aged poorly and Rachel stepped in to wed him instead. Early Holiday Deliveries from Target and Beyond.

Required fields are marked *. I have such respect for SJP.

I do want to try some of her lesser known titles as well at some point, but maybe with lowered expectations since I didn’t love Jamaica Inn the way I wanted to.

All in, the book makes its point a number of times, and loudly: we should be careful when categorizing people as criminals.

Sale Snacks: Klorane Dry Shampoo + Net-A-Porter 25% Off. Place the chopped lamb into a zip-lock bag or bowl and add the salt, pepper, and concentrated stock or crushed bouillon.

My Cousin Rachel is a masterfully ambiguous novel of psychological suspense, one that begins with the question “Was Rachel innocent or guilty?” It ends with the same question, but adds to it the question of the narrator’s own guilt and complicity in the final tragedy. A bewitching and remarkable multi-layered novel.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. We’ll meet possibly for the last time this fall on Wednesday, September 19th, in Central Park at 7 P.M. Daphne Du Maurier weaves the web with precision, writing with suspense, intrigue, and turns of subtle humor. Or, as of now, am planning to. Why not something more thematic (“Passion”)? She is maddeningly unknowable. How do you think it compares? Great review! Toss to coat and let marinate in the refrigerator for at least one hour.

I admittedly was behind this month and didn’t even start it before your review went up, but you’ve totally convinced me — and as someone who can’t really stand Florida OR snakes, you’ve got me intrigued! The Bracebridge Dinner from Gilmore Girls, Post-Apocalyptic Dining in Station Eleven, The Literary Feast 2019 Reading Challenge, The Coffee Mugg(le): a Harry Potter Themed Coffee Shop You Don’t Want to Miss, 2018: The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie Book Review and Literary Meal, Salted Caramel Custard Pie Inspired by The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, 1 large or 2 small Granny Smith apples, cored and finely diced, enough pie crust dough to equal 4 pie crusts (I used two packages of Pillsbury rolled pie crusts, but you are welcome to make your own, if you’re ambitious like that.

We are even led to question the ethics of the protagonist, who contemplates running off with the bounty herself and leaving her husband high and dry. It was easy as pie, I promise. She is always “shawled and secret,” behind a veil not just because she is in mourning but as a general proposition. Love! Do you have a post where you talk about your favorite things to wear post c section?


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