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methods of steaming
methods of steaming

Steam sterilization is nontoxic, inexpensive 826, rapidly microbicidal, sporicidal, and rapidly heats and penetrates fabrics (Table 6) 827. Steam sterilization should be used whenever possible on all critical and semicritical items that are heat and moisture resistant (e.g., steam sterilizable respiratory therapy and anesthesia equipment), even when not essential to prevent pathogen transmission.

Grilling fish has never been easier — here's how to make sure it doesn't stick.

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Bring to a boil and let it steam. To receive email updates about this page, enter your email address: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Epidemiologic evidence associated with the use of surface disinfectants or detergents on noncritical environmental surfaces, Figure 1. Minimum cycle times for steam sterilization cycles, Table 8.

The acid helps neutralize the burn so you can keep working, drawing away the heat.

Step 11: Enjoy! S team cooking is one of the best cooking method. Pressure cookers need not be scary anymore. Step 2: Add Veggies to the Steamer This method can cook things very quickly and is usually preferred over boiling because it does not leach the wonderful nutrients into the water, instead retaining more of them for your body to enjoy. Because food is not allowed to steep in the hot water, steamed food retains more nutrients than food that is boiled or simmered.

Step 1: Using a Collapsible Steamer Basket This allows us to improve our website and personalize advertising for you.

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For gravity displacement sterilizers the penetration time into porous items is prolonged because of incomplete air elimination.

Steaming is done multiple ways. Steaming is a healthy way to cook vegetables, meats and fish. An excellent result stands or falls with the proper preparation. Understanding how each process works will help you determine which cooking method is most appropriate for the results you are trying to achieve. Sure, we had one at school, but I was never part of a group that used it.

The oldest and most recognized agent for inactivation of microorganisms is heat.

When is it done? Place the seasoned food to be steamed in the basket, cover it with a lid and bring the water to a slow boil.

Typically, chemical indicators are affixed to the outside and incorporated into the pack to monitor the temperature or time and temperature. Water at this temperature is hotter than scalding but is not vigorously bubbling like boiling water.


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