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how long do mono symptoms last
how long do mono symptoms last

Mono again, doc has offered to prescribe anti-depressant.. Abdominal pain, doctor said to me to drink more water and increase an intake of potassium. I had an active case of mono from November to May, and even now, I still have the same old symptoms. Can Glutathione Supplementation Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms? Although the recovery time for Mono differs from person to person, most mono symptoms fade away after 2-4 weeks.

over a year ago. I literally had to do nothing for the discomfort to go away. Mono symptoms can last for a very long time. Recurring Mono Symptoms: What Are The Possible Causes? I had mono for about six months, and had the whole spleen thing and that. sore throat/white bumps no other symptoms. This summer I have been training for preseason and the running/conditioning has been really intense. Fractured Rib: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment, New Blood Test Can Detect Injury When Coaches and Doctors Miss Concussion Symptoms. How should I go about increasing mileage? How Long Should Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms Last? britt178688 It's really strange. how many months until the spleen and liver go back to normal ? Hi- I had mono back in March. Symptoms like high fever go away within 10 days while the enlarged liver or spleen usually normalise in 4-6 weeks.

This illness, is brought about due to a virus which is transferred orally mostly by fluids exchange, which is why it is often refereed to as the kissing disease. over a year ago, Guest Most people who get mono feel better in about 2 to 4 weeks. Mono symptoms may interfere with life for several days or weeks, but most people recover without any long-term problems. It was really boring and it was hard, but its the only thing that helps. I was feeling healthy but the weird thing is that recently my abdominal pain is back. I don't know if these are still symptoms from mono, or they could be something else?! Heading a Soccer Ball Instantly Changes the Player's Brain, Still get swollen spleen years after mono. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. And when you do feel back to normal, take it easy. how long do alcohol withdrawal symptoms last? over a year ago, closetcase0890351 Your Spleen - Why Can You Live Without It? Managing symptoms … I get these sharp pains where my spleen and liver are after I workout or even sometimes after eating. I would go back to your doctor to see if you still have an active case, and then discuss the posibility of other illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Can Marijuana Cause Thrombocytopenia (A Low Platelet Count)? How Long Can You Survive With One Kidney? I had mono a year ago and, all of a sudden, i have discomfort in my spleen again, Mono symptoms not getting better for 4 months. How long does mono last? Lymph nodes still swollen after months of Mono! Mono symptoms can last for a very long time. Will smoking marijuana slow recovery and/ or negatively affect liver? How Long Before We Get Personalized Obesity Therapy? Diagnosed with mono. I play soccer so I started working out about a month after being diagnosed (just doing little jogs every now and then) but I couldn't play because my spleen was still enlarged. Health experts aren't sure how long people with mono stay contagious after symptoms are gone, but it seems they can spread the infection for months after that. Biliary Atresia: Definition, Causes, Symptoms.


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